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  Lifestyles Research . Welcome to my lifestyles and swingers research area! I am dedicated to being your swingers news resource. Below you will find abstracts of recent news events and articles pertaining to and affecting the lifestyle. Simply click to read.
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Alternative Marriages The Case of Swingers !

The results of a national on-line survey of 1092 swingers are discussed. Questions from the General Social Survey are used to compare political, social, and sexual attitudes of swingers with the general population in the U.S...

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Partner Swapping !

Swinging, the practice of swapping romantic partners, has had a makeover. Gone are the big-hair, gold-chain 70s-style swingers who gathered in suburban tract homes....

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The Swing Community !

The most frequently-used term for this community is the swing, swinging, or swingers community. In the 1980s, Dr. Robert McGinley began promoting the use of lifestyles in place of swing, and playcouples....

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Lifestyles Research Page: « [1][2][3][4] » Research 1-6 of 30


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