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  About Me. I always get a little embarrassed talking about myself but I had a lot of people who were upset that they could not find this section in my previous site! To you.. I am flattered! So here is a little about me and my life in Amateur Sex!

Welcome to the most dynamic, Amateur Sex community on the web!

Yes my real name is Brandi and I sincerely look forward to sharing my real life with you! I’m a proud mom and wife, a fiscal conservative and a social wild child! A real, live Kim Katrall….for the fans of Sex in The City!

This site was not the idea of my husbands, or some marketing ploy…..This is just me exploring my sexuality, fantasies and fulfilling my exhibitionist tendencies!

Inside you will see everything from naughty to nice and at all times real. I REALLY love men and occasionally a woman or two! My hubby and I have been swingers since 2000 and since the lifestyle has given so much to us... this is sort of our way to give back!

Be aware however... this community is very, very explicit. I don't believe in doing things half way, and I feel no shame in sharing my sexual adventures with you! I personally see no problem with nudity and sex, so why not go all the way!

Why I Started This Site?

I decided to start this site for three reasons:

First, I have grown tired of all the “staged” adult sites on the internet. Finding a real woman who truly enjoys her sexuality is a rarity today. I would say that 95% of the Amateur sites on the internet are started for one simple make money! Don’t get me wrong, I believe striving for financial success is admirable, but that’s why we have two other successful “mainstream” businesses. I hope having a brain doesn’t turn you off!

I just don't think money should be the driving force behind a personal website. I believe you should actually want to do this without thought of profit or gain. I can pick out an “exotic dancer” who is just there to drain my wallet a mile away. I’ll bet the one ugly one, who truly enjoys herself makes just as much money and I am the first to give it to her.

I do this for my love of exhibitionism, of alternative lifestyles (swinging and Amateur Sex), and because I really want to do it. The 95% that are in it for money, lack the truth, feeling and personality that should be there.

Second: My goal is to put broaden peoples minds while simulating their senses! Not only will you find countless hours of my categorized pictures and video but you will also find a depth of swinger and Amateur Sex content found nowhere else on the web. Weather you are interested in the research regarding swingers, have questions about this lifestyle or are struggling to balance your religious upbringing with your sexual desires, you will find the information here at A huge part of the success of this site is due to the community here! I believe I have the most amazing membership base on the planet! So why not get to know each other! Every member (or couple) has a unique profile, the ability to upload their own content and communicate with each other!

Third: I love my sexuality! One of the true passions in my life is SEX! I crave it. The erotic sounds, the sensual smells, the pleasurable touch….. Sex for me is a wonderful journey through emotional and sensory overload. I view my sexuality as a gift. A gift is meant to be enjoyed, cherished and shared with friends! I mean seriously, in today’s hectic world, we could all use some more of this.
I enjoy exhibitionism and voyeurism. Believe it or not, with as busy as I am, I still find time to do something that really gets me off….I dance at clubs across the country! Not for the money, not for the attention, simply for fun!

I like watching, and being watched. I rarely wear panties when we go out (you're be able to check!), and I like to fool around in public. I love to "accidentally" flash people and see their reaction.

Comfort with my sexuality coupled with a husband secure in who he is has allowed us to explore “the lifestyle” My husband and I have been involved in “swinging” for about six years now and have enjoyed every minute of it. This choice has not come without criticism. You would not believe how some people react. These reactions which have sometimes bordered on aggressive are also a driving force for my site.

Can I vent?…….Americans generally have an amazing concept of morality. Parents allow their children to watch the most vile and disgusting violence, yet thongs are banned at almost every beach. The top video games played by children under 16 are Metal Slug, Shadow Ops, and Manhunter, games where the goal is to mutilate, yet I get the most judgmental looks you have ever seen when I wear a short skirt to a club. Are they serious?
Something has gone haywire. My husband and I come from conservative families with a combined number of divorces at 9! While I love them dearly, they continue on in marital strife and dishonest games. For them sex for pleasure is wrong but sex for power is right…huh? Did I miss a memo?

I however enjoy marital bliss, no game playing, a healthy well adjusted daughter and financial security….hmmm…..if they were only willing to be honest.
I believe in openness, honesty and respect in a relationship and never approve of someone cheating on their partner. That’s what you will get here, honesty, openness and a healthy dose of what I consider sexy!
My Stats:

This stuff is slightly embarrassing for me but since many people ask…here it goes!

I am 5’7” with expertly colored blonde hair LOL! My natural eyes are brown however I have a full spectrum of colored contacts…..depending on my mood! You’ll have to let me which ones you like!

My measurements are 36-25-36 and I stay in the gym religiously….I can squat about 125lbs! Strong legs come in handy when holding someone’s head in place wink wink!

I have been happily married for 11 years, have a six year old daughter and serve as CFO of our adult company as well as an executive of our mainstream business interests.

I have lived in Florida, Colorado, Michigan and now live in the great state on North Carolina!

My Daily Life:

I am just like every other working wife, mother and homemaker….well maybe I’m a little different! I stayed at home with our daughter until she started school (which was endlessly rewarding) and now spend my days working on our businesses and having naughty fun! In the evenings however it’s back to suburbia where we spend time as a family until the little one goes down.

Monday through Friday it’s off to school in the morning, into the office and then off to the gym. I usually get home around 7:00pm. I spend the evening with the family doing the typical family things and then……the evenings are my playground! I work on this site (join me on the cam sometime!), enjoy a nice bottle of wine, watch my favorite shows…I’m a sucker for reality TV and hopefully pass out from an intense orgasm!

Saturday’s are for fun and nothing but fun! Sometimes I will go into “The Club”. Other nights we might go out for dinner and dancing (want to see what I wear out?) and when we are feeling freaky, we will get together with some of our less conservative friends YUMMY!
Sundays are always family days!

In My Spare Time!

Spare time…hmmm…..believe me if there was no room for spare time….I’d give something else up! Everyone needs some time to themselves and I am no different so here are some of the things I enjoy!

* I love to travel. The more adventurous the better!

* Cars: I love speed and my supercharged Mustang is almost fast enough to ...keep up with me!

* Motorcycles – I just love that power between my legs!

* Shooting – If you’re into gun control…that’s cool with me, I just get such a rush ...hitting the bulls’ eye at 50ft with my 9mm!

* Fine Art Photography - I love the art of Andrew Blake, Doug Lester, Michael Vhale, and Lindsay Garrett. You will see this influence in some of my galleries! Sporting Activities – I love to be active, it keeps me young….Life’s Short, Play Hard! Here is what you might… will see me doing!

* Tennis – a firm grip and all those balls….my kind of fun!

* Exercising – Sweating can be fun!

* Rollerblading – Don’t forget the knee guards!

* Golfing – Four! Sounds like a good number to me!

* Soccer – Now that’s using your head!

* Ice Skating – Still trying for that triple double!

* Swimming – I have a killer breast stroke!

* Horseback Riding – No matter how you cut it a woman on a horse is just plain!

Sexual Preferences:

My sexual preferences run from mild to wild. Sometimes I like to make love…. slowly and passionately for hours, savoring every sensation. Other times I actually prefer wild unbridled sex. I love to dress up in my naughtiest “slut wear”, leave my stripper shoes on and let lust take over.

I am extremely oral, both giving and receiving. And I always swallow! Funny though….many men say they wan to see it…how about you? Call me old fashioned but I love it missionary…..something about a strong man on top drives me wild! A close second would be doggy style and when I’m on top…I can squirt! Freaked me out when I first discovered it but ahhhhh it feels so good!

I have a few fetishes…..Leather, lingerie, and glass toys! But if there is one thing that puts me over the top every time it’s fingers!!!!! I can just about make myself cum thinking about a warm wet tongue, gliding over my clit while fingers slowly slide inside me, massaging that special little button….You really wont believe how wet I can get. Ahhhh….I may need to take a break from this and take care of something! Guys forget about “Size” for me it means nothing! My favorite “boy toy” is smaller than average but what he does with his mouth and fingers…..MAGIC! I have some audio streams of these encounters! (I email them to my husband from time to time!)

Group sex! Keep in mind that the sole intention of this site is not “hardcore” but I do want to be honest about my preferences! So you will definitely see this type of content!

I will and have always preferred men! One at a time is great, two can be better and three….WOW! From time to time I will also bring a girl or two home from the club, my husband is always appreciative and we/they always go to bed satisfied! My favorite situation has always been another couple though! It satisfies my voyeuristic and exhibitionistic desires simultaneously!

What makes me different from any other “MILF” you might meet?
Simply put…balls! LOL!
I have never thought of myself as the hottest, I don’t walk around thinking I’m better than anyone else. What I am is confident. Confident a willing to do what most only think of. I want to experience life to its fullest. I have talked to many women at the club I dance at who say “I would love to do this….but” It’s always the but…no pun intended! Come on ladies…step out and really live! What makes me different is that although mostly conservative…I also:

* Do Bachelor Parties!
* Dance For The Thrill And Fun Of It!
* Swing From Time To Time!
* Dress Sexy Because I like It!
* Love Sex For Sex’s Sake!
* Love Men!
* Will “Play” With The Right Woman!
* Created My Own Website!

If you are looking for a “Lady in the street and a freak in the bed”….You have found her!

My Favorite Movie Quote:

One of my favorite scenes ever comes from the movie “Tombstone” with Kurt Russell (Wyatt Erp) and Dana Delaney (Josephine). I can identify with it because it illustrates how I am different. A wife, a mother, a conservative, yet “different”. Wyatt comes across Josephine riding her horse. After some great flirtation, they end up sitting among the trees, having a picnic of sorts. Josephine at some point says:

Josephine: Oh, I know, don't say it, I'm rotten. I tried to be good, it's just so boring.
Wyatt: The way you talk.
Josephine: Never heard a woman talk like that?
Wyatt: Never
Josephine: I don't have time to be proper. I wanna live. I'm a woman, I like men. If that means I'm not lady-like, then I guess I'm just not a lady. At least I'm honest.
Wyatt: You're different, no arguing that. But you're a lady alright. I'll take my oath on it.

Well..that’s it! So come on in! I promise....It will be one hell of a ride!


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